Quality Standards

Organisations starting to plan and implement international activities will discover that this involves new challenges. Standards that have a focus on international activities will help you to ensure a high quality from day one when implementing European activities and working together with international partners.

We will introduce standards to you here for international work that we have either helped to develop or have verified ourselves. This list of standards will be regularly added to.

I. Code of Ethics for EU Project Management

The Code of Ethics is a compilation of principles and values for individuals and organisations that are involved in EU project management. It describes the necessary skills and competencies in detail which EU project managers should possess if they are to successfully implement EU projects. The goal of the Code of Ethics is to contribute to ongoing optimisation within EU project management.

By signing the Code of Ethics, individuals and organisations confirm that they carry out EU projects in accordance with the quality requirements that it specifies.

Sign the Code of Ethics for EU project management: The website of the EU-Fundraising Association e.V. enables you to voluntarily commit to a personalised Code of Ethics.

Public list of signatories: You can view which people and organisations have already signed the Code of Ethics here.